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We are food lovers at heart with a passion for poultry.
Poultry Plus is a leading poultry warehouse supplier. As a family owned business, we work side by side to bring the very best food to our community,

Our Story

Our Poultry Plus story begun in the 90s. Being food lovers at heart with a passion for poultry, our dream was to provide the community with fresh and healthy poultry produce. This dream, fueled by passion and excitement soon hatched into a small family business.

Our humble premises were initially situated in a small factory in Thomastown. Since then our family business has grown exponentially and today we are proud to say that Poultry Plus is a leading poultry wholesale supplier. Despite our success, we have stayed true to our values; remaining family owned and working side by side to bring the very best food to our community.

Our Family Values

Our love for food and passion for poultry has taken us on an incredible journey that we are so blessed to have and incredibly proud to say is ours. Our staff have become an extension of our family and our customers our friends.

We like to think of Poultry Plus as our home away from home; a place where we can share our passion for food and pass down traditions and recipes. From our customer service to our chicken, we put care and love into everything we do – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


The impact our family run business has on the environment and the world around us has always been a focal point in the decisions we make along the way. To ensure we are doing the best we can to minimize environmental damage we had installed and use solar powered energy in our store and factory.

We also participate in responsible waste management and aim to reduce our single-use plastic usage where possible. However, despite all our efforts thus far, we’re not stopping there: we’re committed to always improving our sustainability practices to get us a step closer to the green future we all strive for.

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